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I have some exciting news!. As of October I have purchased my own domain name for this site, and have transferred everything over to it. The decision to do so was primarily decided by frustrations with not being able to manage the site how I needed to, and the solution was to get the new domain and install the open-source version of wordpress’s software, which I am very happy with. My hope is that the new site will make it much easier for visitors to access my research into the workhouse in a variety of ways, and hopefully allow me to update it more frequently.

I will be leaving this site up for awhile to direct visitors over to the new one but have removed all articles, photos, etc. I would appreciate you updating your bookmarks and rss feeds!

Welcome to the new!


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  1. Thank you so much for all of the information!!! You’ve been so helpful!

  2. Mike Walsh says:

    Dear Katy and Melissa (Green Mommy).
    In response to Melissa’s question “do you know if the building can be purchased?”, the answer is Yes. I work for Lucian Development which owns the property and would like to sell, especially to a good cause.

    If anyone has a serious interest, please contact me through Katy’s wonderful blog.
    Mike Walsh

  3. To Mike Walsh:

    My company is very interested in purchasing this property and restoring it. If it is still up for sale, please contact me immediately.

  4. Mike Walsh says:

    Be glad to contact you. Need to figure out how!
    Mike Walsh

  5. To Mike Walsh:


    Thank you for your quick reply.

    Warm regards, Rebecca Brown

  6. To Mike Walsh:


    Thank you for your quick reply.

    Warm regards, Rebecca Brown

  7. Pat Holland says:

    We need more people like you in this world that are willing to do things not just for the sake of money but for the greater good. Pls forward my contact info to Mike Walsh. We are interested in purchasing this unique property. It would be great to reserve this historical site and beautify it — Castle of the MidWest. We would appreciate to get in touch with Mr. Walsh. We can be reached at
    Thank you.
    Pat Holland

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